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Crossover DVT packet: Themes / Central Ideas Grades 9-10

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Crossover / Multipurpose DVT packs 

Some Core language arts standards for reading literature, information text, history/social studies, and science are identical, or nearly identical – thus these standards “cross-over” content areas. Likewise, many Core writing standards  (e.g., argumentative and expository writing) crossover content –subjects as well. When students write about what they read, powerful learning occurs– students remember more content, their understanding of it is deeper and more relational, and their writing improves dramatically. Crossover DVTs are designed to address these types of standards, and thus the same DVT can be used by English, History / Social Studies and Science teachers. 

Crossover DVTs are designed for integrating reading, writing, speaking and listening  instruction in specific crossover Core Language Arts standards. The DVTs guide thinking as literature or information text is analyzed and notes are taken, and then the completed DVTs serve as powerful guides for converting the notes into oral presentations and/or short essays. These DVTs significantly reduce cognitive loads of both teachers and students while also significantly increasing student reading comprehension, writing skills, and content knowledge.